Our specialist Entertainment Services include:

Before Signing

Before signing a record, song writing or other creative contract, we can ascertain it deals with your rights and tax exposure in the most efficient way.

The same principle applies to films and film finance.

Royalty Collection and Tour Accounting

Take the worry out of preparing national and international tour budgets by letting us advise and negotiate foreign and UK tax liabilities, collect fees, co-ordinate tour cash flows and finalise tour accounts.

With tour expenses such as travel, sound and lighting equipment, management fees can account for more than 80% of a tour’s gross income.

Our expertise can control and minimise these costs.

World Tax Planning

Let us take over the time-consuming task of registering you with the relevant collection societies, monitoring your income from around the world and submitting reduced withholding tax applications.

The varying levels of Withholding Tax in different countries and the Double Taxation Treaties in place makes our tax planning expertise indispensable.

We have close contact with film funders, theatrical promoters, concert promoters and tax advisers worldwide to ensure our advice is absolutely up-to-date. We can also ensure that any withholding tax paid overseas can be utilised against your UK tax liability.

Film Funding

With vast experience in the television and film industries, we can give invaluable advice on film funding and the grants and tax breaks available, as well as production budgeting and accounting.


In the complex world of royalties, you need a specialist on the top of their game. Our royalties expertise means we can:

• carry out royalty reviews in the UK, Europe and the US
• provide desk-top royalty reviews
• prepare third party royalties
• monitor incoming royalty statements
• organise registrations with the numerous overseas collection societies
• prepare royalty reviews for record companies, music publishers, royalty collection societies, video and film companies, book publishers, computer and video games companies – anyone who accounts on a royalty basis.

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