Receipt Bank

No more searching for receipts with Receipt Bank.

The combination of Xero and its add-on, Receipt Bank, enables you to send your purchase invoices or expense receipts by email, dropbox, mobile app or in freepost envelopes, directly to Xero.

These are immediately processed with no more looking for old receipts or lost invoices.

Receipt Bank

With Receipt Bank, you spend less time on manual tasks and more time adding value for your clients.

You can stay up to date with one tap. You just snap the receipt, and we extract the data. All you need to do is review and publish.


You can send you paperwork in a way that suits them, via app, email, post and more.


All images and extracted data, are stored securely and compliantly in the cloud.


We send regular reminders to your clients’ phones to help them keep on top of their expenses

Integrates seamlessly

… with the leading accounting, payroll and payment software on desktop and cloud, so you can build an end-to-end solution to suit any client.

Transform your Practice.

From automation essentials to workflow enhancement and process tracking, you spend more time adding value and less time on paperwork.

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